We love them for their “looks”?

There is no doubt that Korean idols have perfect flawless skin and complexion. Though we are aware that some gets professional help for it, we can’t help but adore their beauty.11324975_1681304875436505_727480245_n.jpg

Looks does matter to Korean idols and they take extra care of it. Now, some anti-korean-idols people say that we only became a fan because of their faces. NO. Why am I saying this? Recently, I was about to watch one of my most favorite youtuber then I came across this video titled: Scared Kpop Idols (Animals Edition) uploaded by So Kay pop. I got curious because I saw V on the thumbnail so I watched it.



Indeed KPOP is taking the world by storm that even animals love them! The video is a compilation of our beloved idols when they had an encounter with animals. Insects, snakes, and seagulls have the most number of appearances and are obviously the top fans in the animal kingdom. BTS J-Hope with a snake, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and a horse, Boys Republic Sunwoo and Suwoong with snakes, the boys of Beast with seagulls, EXO’s Xiumin and Lay with doves, Bigbang’s Seungri and bees, EXO’s Chanyeol, Got7’s Mark with a bee, Infinite’s Sungyeol danced with a bee, Teen Top’s Chunji with (again) the snake, and a lot more. I just mentioned my favorite reactions among the idols in the video.

I realized that even if they look like they just got out from the derp world, we would still love them the same way we did when we first knew them. We love them not just because of their faces, we love them because of their smiles, humor, thoughtfulness, and mostly their talents. We’d get goosebumps when we hear them sing. They’d keep on practicing even if they would get injuries just to make us happy. True that beauty is just skin deep. These idols are more than their pretty faces. They are an inspiration.

photo cr: mwave, tumblr